Quite literally bringing the brand to life

With over 300MM monthly unique visitors, TripAdvisor is the largest travel site in the world.  Their name is virtually synonymous with travel reviews, and that was the problem. Despite having evolved their business beyond reviews to include hotel price-shopping and booking, consumers’ understanding of the brand was so entrenched in reviews that they needed the power of mass communication to change their perception.  In early 2017 the TripAdvisor board approved a global TV campaign to help transform the business.  Interestingly, this new position for TripAdvisor made them the challenger to Trivago, the biggest advertising spender in the category.  To make this work we needed to be running on all cylinders - brand registration, message communication, likability - and Lil’ Wiser was born. The literal embodiment of the brand, he travels the world with an insatiable appetite for killer hotel deals. With a mix of :30s and :15s we achieved record benchmarks across every ad metric.